Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Is this for real?
A. It is as real as any other curse. Only cheaper and more convenient.

Q. Will anything bad happen to me?
A. Yes, you will earn bad Karma, but due to our special arrangement with the Benevolent Order of Malevolent Entities Industry Association (BOMEIA) the rates are very low. Around 1 days bad luck or equivalent per curse.

Q. Who/what is BOMEIA?
A. BOMEIA is is a trade union of sorts for the forces of malevolence. After a thousand years of being forgotten they decided to bring their trade back to market with a special marketing campaign. Please note that not all of the Deities/Demons are participating at this time. We expect more to join BOMEIA in the near future.

Q. My favorite Deity/Demon is not listed. Can I still use their services.
A. If your favorite Deity/Demon is not listed you can not use their services from this website, but check back soon! You can still contact them directly for one on one contracts and rates.

Q. How strong are the curses?
A. Very mild as this is an introductory offer. A sample if you will. A curse of Pestilence will manifest as a cold or upset stomach. Pox as an outbreak of acne or rash. Misfortune as a traffic ticket, spilled coffee, or stubbed toe.

Q. Can I make stronger curses?
A. Yes, but not here. You should contact the Deity/Demon of you choice and negotiate the curse and rates one on one.

Q. How do I contact my favorite Deity/Demon?
A. Due to our contract with BOMEIA we can not tell you how to contact them directly all that we can tell you is that the "old ways" are still working fine. Consult your Holy Book/Ancient Writings for details.

Q. Can I "uncurse" a curse I placed on someone?
A. Yes, Sort of.

Q. How do I get a curse I sent undone.
A. For simple curses, like the ones here, a simple blessing by you for your target should be enough to counteract the effects. It may cause the target to have a very strange day, but after all is said and done it will about cancel things out. You can place a request for a simple blessing at or contact your local holy man, priest, pastor, etc.
There is a way to "uncurse" or cancel a curse request, but we are unable to disclose the information due to contract with BOMEIA.

Q. Can I uncurse a curse placed on me?
A. Yes, but we are not in the business of "uncursing". Furthermore we are contractually bound by BOMEIA not to disclose that information. May we suggest simply cursing them back in retaliation.

Q. When will my curse be executed?
A. That is at the discretion of BOMEIA/Deity/Demon handling your request.

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Are you serious? No. All curses are final.